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Tea and coffee table "SARA"

150.00 lv.
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The shown price for size of table 60/60/50сm. Non extendable

Extendable 60/120(160)/50сm. - 173lv.
Extendable 70/130(170)/50сm. - 181lv.
Extendable with lower panel 60/120(160)/50сm. - 199lv.
Extendable with lower panel 70/130(170)/50сm. - 208lv.


Non extendable 60/120/50сm. - 166lv.

Non extendable 70/130/50сm. - 173lv.
Non extendable with lower panel 60/120/50сm. - 192lv.

Non extendable with lower panel 70/130/50сm. - 199lv.

Non extendable 60/60/50сm. - 160lv.

Non extendable 80/80/50сm. - 166lv.

Non extendable 90/90/50сm. - 173lv.

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