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Sofa “FLAMINGO” – a model, designed for dining rooms, kitchens, children's rooms and hotels.     

     Clear and in the same time elegantly rounded forms, very reduced, so that while it has minimal external proportions it holds in itself maximum place for sitting and sleeping.  High sitting area, suitable for dining tables and an easy-to-use sleeping mechanism. The cushions are filled with grounded plastic foam and the sitting area consists of  8 cm plastic foam with thickness 30, laid on a beech wood frame with elastic belts. 

 All that turns sofa “FLAMINGO” into one of our most selling models.

 The model is available with a triple sofa – extensible, a loveseat – extensible and an armchair – extensible.            

Quality guaranteed by “RUDI–AN” – furniture worthy of you!

Sleeping comfort suitable for everyday use
Size changes possible, with some limits and upon request
Dismountable partly dismountable
Frame pinewood
Foam seat N30
back N25
Wadding seat 100g
frame 100g
cushions 100g
Base elastic belts
Cushions foam cut to shape
Upholstery back upholstered
cushions upholstered
seat upholstered
sleeping area mattress ticking
the back of the sofa upholstered
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